Canadian progressive rock-metal fusion project The Wring are gearing up for their new album, Spectra, out tomorrow (16th) via WormHoleDeath Records. Addition to their progressive tone, the record moves more of a cocktail of musical styles including, hard rock, jazz, metal, classical, 80s and 70s classic rock. Today (15th), The Wring has teamed up with Metal Insider for an early album stream.  


Solo artist Don Dewulf commented:

“I am very proud of the compositions on this album. Prog music can tend to be grandiose; I wanted this album to be the opposite of that. I like to think that the guitar parts are interesting and somewhat unique and span a very wide range of styles, influences, and execution. The vocals come straight out of the 80s with great melody and delivery, offering a very grounded counterpoint to the, often, odd time and melody structure. There are also keyboards hidden in the mix that offer an almost subliminal base on which everything else is built. The cover has a cool 70’s vibe that is simple but offers a depth of meaning that will be very personal to each observer; a reflection of the musical content within.”


Listen to the album below and pre-order it here: