We’ve already known that Andrew W.K. can party hard. And we also know that he loves New York City. What better for Mr. W.K. to do than try to combine those two things while drumming? Right now as you’re reading this, Andrew is in the Oakley store in Times Square attempting to drum for 24 hours straight. The feat is taking place courtesy of MTV, VH1 and CMT for the O Music Awards. He started last night at 7pm, and is still going strong. He’s been having guest drummers, like The Roots’ ?uestlove, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, and Marky Ramone, stop by every hour to help out/jam with him.

He won’t be taking any breaks, either. “If I have to urinate, defecate or vomit, I can do that still while I’m playing drums,” he said at a press conference. Wow, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “drum stool.” Here’s something that happened while he was playing – he won the O Music Award for “Must Follow Artist” on Twitter. Perhaps you should follow him. And even if you don’t follow him on Twitter, you can follow him as he tries to wrap up the next eight hours of drumming. Check out a live feed below. 


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