The guy that landed a probe on a comet likes Cannibal Corpse

Posted by on November 13, 2014

cannibaltat2Earlier this week,┬ámajor strides were made in the space program when the European Space Agency landed a probe from the Rosetta spacecraft on a comet. Ten years in the making, when the Philae lander touched down on comet 67P after a 315-million mile voyage, it was the first time a comet’s surface has been breached, and tests are currently being run on the comet. But what’s even cooler is that 40 year-old Dr. Matt Taylor, a scientist that’s one of the leaders of the project, is a total metalhead. The scientist was pictured getting a tattoo of the Rosetta, which is metal enough in and of itself, but he was shown doing it while rocking a Cannibal Corpse shirt!

Taylor studied at the University of Liverpool and Imperial College London, and has been at the European Space Agency since 2005. He’s an unorthodox-looking scientist, in that he has sleeve tattoos, and looks like someone you’d see at a Cannibal Corpse concert as opposed to landing a multi-million dollar probe on a comet. The tattoo actually pre-dates the landing, with Taylor having gotten it back in January. Either way, it’s awesome to see that he’s such a metal fan, and will hopefully help debunk the outdated conventional wisdom that all metalheads are dumb. That being said, his sister told the Daily Mail that he can’t even find his car sometimes, and that his “His wife admitted that the scientist is terrible at following directions and has lost track of where he has parked his car on many occasions.”

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