Former Life of Agony vocalist Keith Mina Caputo has kept relatively quiet since last year, when the singer underwent a transformation from man to woman. Caputo’s gender switch came around the same time that a reformed Life of Agony played their final shows, a development that they said had nothing to do with her transformation. At any rate, Caputo is breaking her silence via a show next month in Philadelphia. The free show, taking place at Northern Liberties bar Gunners Run on Thursday, April 12, will likely be devoid of any LOA music, as Caputo has released a handful of solo albums dating back to 1999, and most recently played in a group called The Neptune Darlings. Also, there’s no mention of LOA in the press release we got.

If you’re looking for us to make snarky jokes about him/her, you’ve come to the wrong place. We may not necessarily understand Mina’s new gender (keeping the penis, has a girlfriend, but identifies as a woman), but it takes tremendous courage for her to do this, and as long as nobody’s getting hurt, Caputo should be able to call himself/herself what he/she wants. And Caputo’s talent cuts through gender, so if you’re an open-minded fan of Caputo’s powerful, yet emotional voice, this free show could be worth making the trip to. Find out more about it here.