A lot of rumors are swirling the internet about Life Of Agony. The first one being that the band’s shows overseas this weekend might also be their last. This might not be as surprising since Life Of Agony has been keeping a relatively low profile over the past few years. Besides releasing Broken Valley in 2005 and a live album last year, LOA hasn’t done more than the occasional live show since reforming in 2003. However, another rumor regarding the band, or more namely singer Keith Caputo, is a tad more…surprising.

Many are now speculating that Caputo has undergone a sex change and is now a frontwoman. Well, all clues are pretty much pointing to “yes.” In case the picture up top didn’t give it away, Caputo posted the following via Twitter that fueled both rumors:

“LOA has already gone in2 isolation & it’s got nothin 2 do w me transitioning. my boys love me regardless of my life choices!”

On top of that, multiple messages on Caputo’s website refer to the singer as “her” (as well as Keith Mina).  Oh and then there’s this tweet that pretty much confirms this. So in other words, the rumors about Mr. Miss Caputo are true.

Now this would be the best time to point out that this doesn’t change the fact that Keith’s river still won’t run red. However, we’re sure that this has been a very hard change for him/her, as well as the rest of the band. It’s certainly a surprise to most metal fans, but so was finding out that Rob Halford was gay (not necessarily as extreme as this, but still a major shocker to most fans at the time). Regardless of the shock, we’re glad that Caputo now feels comfortable as her real self. And thanks to the trail blazed by King Kobra’s Mark (Marcie)  Free, he’s not the first metal singer to undergo gender reassignment.

Update: Caputo responded to our tweet about the story, tweeting “thx for being sweet & respectful. Deeply appreciate it. FYI, I’m keeping my penis!”

Here are the dates rumored to be Life Of Agony’s last shows:

7/15 Augsburg, GER – Kantine
7/16 Dour, BEL – Dour Festival
7/17 Lichtenvoorde, NET – Zwarte Cross Festival