Tommy Lee and Nic Cage’s son Weston clash at Motley Crue’s show

Posted by on September 25, 2013

westoncageIn the continuing saga that is Weston Cage, the black metal singer/son of Nicolas Cage has now apparently got on the bad side of established bad boy rocker Tommy Lee. The two reportedly got into a backstage scuffle and it was all to get into Vince Neil’s dressing room, according to TMZ. While we assume that Neil is used to the ladies trying anything they can to get over his threshold, this may be the first time two grown men have had at it over access to the front man.

TMZ reports that Weston and father Nic were hanging out behind the scenes Sunday night at Motley Crue’s Hard Rock Vegas show. Apparently Weston was blocking the way to Neil’s dressing room and Lee allegedly tried to shove past him, telling Weston to get the “f%$# out of his way.” Lee then supposedly began screaming and provoking him to fight.

But it was the Crue’s security who saved the day, breaking things up and getting Nic and son the heck out of there. With Weston’s history of accused violence, this was probably a good thing on the legal side. And with his past record of street fighting, probably smart on the medical side as well.

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