Guy brings “hoverboard” to hardcore show, sadly lives to tell the tale

Posted by on September 29, 2015

hoverboardThe Segway went from the transportation of the future to a punchline in Arrested Development and Paul Blart: Mall Cop in almost no time. For some reason, the hands-free version of the scooter, now being called a “hoverboard,” is suddenly cool. Considering it has wheels and doesn’t actually hover, and looks like something you should be vaping from, we’re surprised it’s catching on. We were even more surprised when Terror guitarist Martin Stewart tweeted a video of a show with a hoverboarder (update: actually him) onstage. Theprp thinks the show was No Warning, Lights Out, Violation and more at Jewel’s Catch One. At any rate, the hoverboarder in question (Stewart) is onstage, not in the pit, so they don’t get immediately leveled. Maybe this is going to become a thing. God we hope not.

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