Boston Police Cracking Down On Mosh Pits; Members Of Unearth, Shadows Fall And The Red Chord Respond

Posted by on March 13, 2012

According to the Boston Herald, police in Boston, MA cited the House of Blues for a license violation over a mosh pit that broke out during Flogging Molly’s show on February 21. While no injuries were reported, a Boston department inspector claimed that the mosh pit violated safety rules and that the venue was cited since security did not intervene. The House Of Blues’ Boston location has since been ordered to put up illuminating signs that forbid moshing.

Though this marks the first instance of such a thing happening, the House Of Blues citing further shows that the Boston city police will continue to crack down hard on mosh pits and “aggressive” dancing. “Dancing is a First Amendment right, but the behavior itself is a violation, especially when it becomes dangerous and a public safety hazard,” said Boston police spokeswoman Officer Nicole Grant. Understandably so, many in the Massachusetts metal scene have taken issue with the city police’s crackdown. “I can understand trying to cut down on injuries or fights, but you see more fights outside a dance night on Lansdowne Street than you see inside a hardcore show,” Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair pointed out to the Boston Herald.

The Boston Herald also spoke with Unearth’s Trevor Phipps and The Red Chord’s Guy Kozowyk about the matter. We can go on our own little rant about how enforcing limitations on moshing seems absurd. However, Kozowyk put it best by saying “I understand cracking down on fighting, but (moshing) is a form of expression. It’s ridiculous they’re cracking down on this now. There are plenty of other problems.”

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