Devin Townsend Project to call it a day

Posted by on January 31, 2018

s if Slayer announcing their last tour wasn’t enough, Devin Townsend just stunned the music community by announcing that he’s disbanding the Devin Townsend Project. So if you got a chance to see him opening for Clutch over their holiday run of shows, you got to see the band for what could be the last time ever .While that’s shocking, it doesn’t mean we’ll be losing Devy. In fact, he says he’s working on four other albums. That being said, he’s taking the rest of the year off from playing live, and it’s sad to hear that he’s disbanding DTP just as it seemed like they were starting to reach a bigger audience as a result of their touring and album release schedule.

Townsend’s workload was ridiculous even when he was in DTP, so even though he’s not going to be playing with them for a while, we’ll still have plenty of opportunities to hear him. Not to mention, when they eventually do reunite, there’s going to be a ton of excitement around that. Here’s  his post:


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