Just goes to show you how small and random the world really is. Our buddies at  Lambgoat.com recently discovered an interesting tweet from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine (why they were snooping around Levine’s twitter account is another question we won’t dare ask). In this particular tweet, the “This Love” singer revealed the following:

“Just ran into an old friend from summer camp. Whoa! Check out @dillingerescpln !”

That’s right, Adam Levine went to camp with a member of The Dillinger Escape Plan. If the link to the band’s twitter account (which actually belongs to guitarist Ben Weinman) wasn’t enough proof, Weinman confirms this via the following tweet (which can also be seen in the image above):

“Talked to an old jam buddy from Summer camp today @adamlevine he did a mean Pearl Jam back in the day. Nice dude. –Ben”

Not that there’s anything wrong with this in anyway (that’s right, we’re not judging them for being friends, shocker right?!), but what a weird mixing. We never thought we’d ever mention pop rockers Maroon 5 in the same breath as mathcore favorites DEP, let alone to find out that members from each group actually jammed together at one point in their lives. It’s nice, though, that Levine gave his old buddy’s band a shout out via Twitter. Watch out Every Time I Die and Fall Out Boy, you might have a new rival in weirdest metal/pop bromances!