Zakk Attack: 26 Song BLS Sampler For 69 Cents This Wednesday

Posted by on November 5, 2010

What can you get for 69 cents these days? About 2/3rds of anything on a $1 value menu. Three pieces of Bazooka gum, maybe. You can’t even download a song on most music stores. However, come this Wednesday, Amazon’s MP3 store will be offering up a rad 26-song Black Label Society sampler from his years at Armoury/Eagle Rock for the ridiculously low price of, you guessed it, 69 cents. If you think about it in physical terms, that’s basically a two-disc greatest hits album for less than the change that’s in between your sofa cushions along with the remote and your girlfriend’s cat you were supposed to look after (oops!). The Bezerkus Tour Sampler will only be available this coming Wednesday (10). Track listing after the jump.

1.) America The Beautiful
2.) Intro/Low Down
3.) 13 Years of Grief
4.) Beneath The Tree
5.) Layne
6.) Speedball
7.) Stillborn (Acoustic)
8.) Damage Is Done
9.) In This River
10.) Blackened Waters
11.) Spoke In The Wheel
12.) Life/Birth/Blood/Doom
13.) Dr. Octavia
14.) S.D.M.F.
15.) Berserkers
16.) Stillborn
17.) Fire It Up
18.) Suffering Overdue
19.) T.A.Z.
20.) Ain’t Life Grand
21.) Mother Mary
22.) Just Killing Time
23.) Phoney Smiles and Fake Hellos
24.) Takillya (Estaybon)
25.) Too Tough To Die
26.) A.N.D.R.O.T.A.Z.

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