Crowdfunding campaign launched for Chuck Mosley as Korn’s Head remembers him

Posted by on November 14, 2017

As could be expected, in the wake of former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley’s death last week, his family has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Mosley left behind his life partners, two daughters and a granddaughter, and they’re asking for funds for a small private memorial, to be hopefully followed by a larger public concert to celebrate his life. As of 

Chuck Mosley enriched, entertained, saved, changed, and otherwise affected countless lives over his 57 years, but sadly outside of music and cooking and generally being the sweetest heart on the planet, Chuck never understood the importance of planning ahead. 

He has left his life long partner, two daughters, and his grandson without the ability to send him off properly or to move into their next phase of life without their loved one. The Mosley and Logan family are asking for help to raise money for a small private memorial for family and friends to mourn their loss. Additionally, we would like to organize a large scale, loud, bright, beautiful concert to celebrate the music he gifted us with over the years. 

The memorial will be soon, so the family can say goodbye, but the concert will be planned far in advance, so that Chuck’s friends and family from all over the globe will have a chance to make the trek and share in the powerful event.

Chuck deserves a unique and tasteful send off, followed by punk rock and as much chaos as we can legally get away with.

Please direct any questions, comments, criticisms, or feedback, to me, douglas esper.

I ask, as a personal favor, that you respect the family’s privacy. Please be respectful of their loss regardless of your views on addiction, drugs, rock music, tattoos, people of different races, or anything you feel compelled to voice your displeasure about. This is not the time or the place for your political, ideological crusades. This is the time to let everyone know how much Chuck and his family mean to us.

As of press time, the fund had raised about $6,300 of the modest $7,000 goal, so if there’s any silver lining to Mosley’s untimely passing, it seems like at least he’ll be properly laid to rest. 

In other news, Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch remembered Mosley while also urging those struggling with addiction to get help:

“I remember living in a tiny apartment in Burbank California living with most of the guys who would later form Korn. They were in their funk rock band called LAPD. I was just hanging out drinking beer trying to figure out life. They were so into the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Faith No More, and I wanted nothing to do with those bands. Little did I know that Faith No More would grow on me so much that it changed my whole outlook of what metal could sound like.

I remember Fieldy waking the whole house up every single day singing the background vocals for the song “We Care A lot” by Faith No More. Every morning he would scream “whoa whoa uh oh!” Drove us all crazy but looking back now it’s a funny memory. Faith No More with Chuck Mosley were a huge part of our everyday lives back then.

Guys, we need to learn from all this. We are losing too many people to the disease of addiction. It’s a plague that’s sending the angel of death to wipe so many of our people out and it’s got to stop! Please, get help with whatever you’re struggling with. Initiate conversations with the Lord everyday. Religious people make prayer out to be some holier than thou thing, but all it is, is talking to God like a friend. Face-to face. Heart-to heart.

RIP Chuck Mosley, I’m so grateful that you and your family came to see us a couple months ago at our show 🙏🏼”

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