al-jourgensen-ministryMinistry’s Al Jourgensen has formed an adventurous and successful music career but he continues to redefine his reach amidst obstacles and fame. While his band released what is speculated to be their last album of new material, From Beer to Eternity, September 6, the industrial metal frontman is now helping to create a comic book series in which he will become a main character.

“Loosely” based on Jourgensen’s real-life dealings with the world of music, the comic books are being written, designed and drawn  by Sam Shearon who drew plotlines from conversations he had with Jourgensen and his wife Angelina. The 13-issue series, aptly entitled Ministry: The Devil’s Chord – The Chronicles Of Alien F. Jourgensen, will feature books based on each Ministry album. Story themes will surround aliens, government corruption, conspiracy theories and record label dealings.

The stories center around main character, Alien F. Jourgensen, a young musician who is discovered by a record label that seeks to change and control him. As Alien figures out his true superpowers in playing music, he remains the victor, unveiling truths about the planet along the way.

The series is set for release at at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2014.