Metal Insider’s Top 5: Things Metallica Could Announce On February 7

Posted by on February 6, 2012

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This past weekend, Metallica released a 30 second video that’s been causing quite a buzz online. The video, titled “Save The Date,” teases about a special announcement that will be made tomorrow (February 7) on the band’s website at 11am PST/ 2pm EST. While of course we’ll find out soon enough what exactly Metallica have up their sleeves, we couldn’t help but start speculating as to what the announcement will pertain to. So with that in mind, we determined five things that Metallica could potentially announce tomorrow.

Update: Metallica have announced that they will be holding a two day festival in Atlantic City, NJ. Looks like our first guess was dead on.


5. Lulu, The Tour:

Lou Reed just recently announced details for a European tour where he’ll be performing music spanning his entire career, including songs from Lulu. It’s safe to say that the one thing most fans hope not to hear is that Metallica will be joining Reed on tour to perform Lulu in a city near you.


4. More Big Four:

It’s looking unlikely that Metallica will once again join forces with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth, especially since two thirds of them will be on tour for the Mayhem Festival. However, with only two American shows so far, the Big Four would definitely be able to play plenty of other places in America, especially in the midwest or south.


3. Metallica’s 3D Movie:

The band already confirmed that they were indeed working on a 3D film last month. Many have already suspected that the announcement will involve this, especially since the teaser video includes the tag line “You’ve seen them at festivals across the world, but you’ve never seen them…” At the same time, though, the band’s statement said that the film probably wouldn’t hit theaters until 2013.


2. An Interactive Fan Club Event:

When Metallica announced Beyond Magnetic’s digital release, they also hinted at a “special interactive fan event” being announced. Though the announcement was supposed to be made last month, it’s only been a week into February (and announcements can often be delayed). Of course, an “interactive fan event” could refer to anything, including a convention like gathering, or even a special festival like…


1. Atlantic City Festival Show:

Last month, in an event that went largely unreported by the metal press, the Atlantic City council approved four dates for shows at former Atlantic City airport, Bader Field. Three of the names bandied about by the Atlantic City Press: Phish, Kenny Chesney and Metallica. The director of venue development for concert promoter Starr Hill declined to announce any of the headliners, but the dates available are 9/22-23, 9/29-30, 6/15-17, and 6/24-25, with June 24/25 looking like the probable dates for Metallica. Even without any good support acts, it’d be insane to see Metallica play an old airport by the Atlantic Ocean, but a Philly DJ suggests Black Sabbath and Slipknot as rumored headliners. Really? Let’s hope! It’s a bit of a stretch, with Slipknot on the Mayhem fest and Black Sabbath currently without a drummer, but ya never know…

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