Metal Insider’s Top 5: Reasons Brad Wilk Recording With Black Sabbath Makes Sense

Posted by on January 14, 2013

2. Sabbath Is NOT Looking To Replace Bill Ward

One of the reasons why Wilk drumming on the album came as a surprise was because most people (or at least us) assumed that Tommy Clufetos would be the one recording the album. After all, he did play with Sabbath during their few reunion shows last year in place of Ward, and we think he’s still on board for the band’s upcoming shows. But maybe that’s the exact reason why he didn’t record the album? Now with essentially two drummers at their disposal (one in the studio and one on the road), Sabbath is trying to prevent fans from thinking that any drummer is permanently replacing Ward. And that’s exactly what Sabbath should be doing. Fans are upset enough that Ward isn’t partaking in Sabbath’s new album and upcoming shows. Even insinuating that one drummer is taking over Ward’s duties would just rub salt into the wound, despite the fact that Sabbath has had plenty of drummers in the past.

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