Metal Insider’s Top 5: Reasons Brad Wilk Recording With Black Sabbath Makes Sense

Posted by on January 14, 2013

5. Let’s Not Forget That Rage Against The Machine Was Pretty Heavy

Forget about Audioslave. And even forget about the rap-rock stylings of Rage Against The Machine. As revolutionary as the message behind Zach de la Rocha’s vocals were, he could come across as a little whiny sometimes. And let’s face it, rap-rock hasn’t exactly aged all that well. And this isn’t to take away from the power of the band or their political leanings, but musically, the swagger of Rage Against The Machine’s rhythm section owed quite a bit to Black Sabbath. Hell, they could even make a Bruce Springsteen cover kick all kinds of ass. It’s pretty easy to see in retrospect how Wilk could have found himself on the short list to drum for Sabbath.

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