Metal Insider’s Top 5: Musicians Turned Bad

Posted by on August 12, 2013

labonte4. Phil Labonte 

Somewhere along the line, All That Remains got really popular. The metalcore band embraced their more commercial side on 2008’s Overcome, and got two gigantic active rock hits in the process. Much like Metallica before them, haters were going to hate, but there were way more new listeners coming to the party. However, metal fans in particular harped on the band’s use of autotune and frontman Phil Labonte’s clean vocals (which he handles admirably). Yet as an oustpoken libertarian unafraid to espouse his politics and take on those that challenge him, Labonte has become somewhat of a villain to some, especially a few web sites we know. Yet he’s man enough to apologize if he makes mistakes and him and his band get more publicity in the process.


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