Metal Insider’s Top 5: Musicians Turned Bad

Posted by on August 12, 2013

kerryking5. Kerry King

2013 has been a trying time for Slayer. A big reason for that is the backlash that occurred following drummer Dave Lombardo’s dismissal from the band. Also not helping matters is the overload of meaningless products Slayer’s merch company has been slapping the band’s logo on and trying to sell fans. All of this while Slayer try to move on without the late Jeff Hanneman. And while Slayer as a whole can be held responsible, Kerry King is singled out here since he’s always stepped out as Slayer’s “leader.” It doesn’t help that he’s more or less the face of the band, appearing in Jagermeister commercials and whatnot.

Granted, Slayer is still fucking Slayer. Fans will always proudly wear their Slayer shirts and start chanting the band’s name at shows (even if they aren’t on the bill). But the past year has shown how much King and co. truly approach Slayer as a brand/business. Surprise? Of course not. Disheartening? Sure is.


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