Metal Insider Top 5: Times and ways the Grammys got it wrong

Posted by on February 10, 2015

big42) Anthrax, Megadeth still haven’t won

Metallica. Slayer. Megadeth. Anthrax. The big four bands of thrash. Everyone knows that. There’s enough recognition of these bands, which have been around since the early ’80s, that they toured together a few years back as that. However, according to the Grammys, only half of them count. Metallica have won for almost everything they’ve been nominated for (more on that later), but Anthrax and Megadeth have yet to take home a trophy. Anthrax legitimately had a moment when their cover of “Bring the Noise” with Public Enemy helped set the stage for rap metal (for better or worse) back in 1991, but they weren’t even nominated for that until a live version a few years after the fact. Megadeth’s classic Rust In Peace didn’t win in 1991. Instead, a cover of a Queen song by Metallica won. What’s more enduring, the “Stone Cold Crazy” cover, or “Hangar 18?”

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