Metal Insider Top 5: Times and ways the Grammys got it wrong

Posted by on February 10, 2015

4) Leaving off metal artists in the In Memoriam segment

With 57 years of history, there are going to continue to be people that pass away every year, and with a brief segment, there’s not that much time to honor all of them. That’s understandable. But the Grammys should at least pay some degree of lip service to those who have helped sell enough records to make the Grammy awards a thing. Wayne Static and Static-X sold millions of albums in the late ’90s and 2000s, and GWAR’s Dave Brockie was enough of a personality to have made it on to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Fox News. And Slayer won two Grammys! Yet that wasn’t enough for them to include Brockie, Static or Jeff Hanneman in the segment. Slipknot’s Paul Gray was included when he passed, but that’s almost an exception to the rule. And yes, they did include Static and Brockie on their online version, but they deserved a bit more than that, in our opinion.

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