New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week is a bit of a slower one but features new releases from Yngwie Malmsteen, The Descendents and more! For last week’s releases you can read the previous New & Noteworthy, and for the latest sales numbers Metal by Numbers. Be sure to follow us on Spotify to get this month’s New & Noteworthy Playlist, updated every Friday with the newest metal releases.

New Releases

Yngwie Malmsteen, Parabellum (Music Theories)
Solo Album (all instruments, vocals, production). Miami, FL. Neo-Classical Metal.

Music video:(Si Vis Pacem) Parabellum
Lyric video
: “Wolves at the Door
Producer: Yngwie Malmsteen
Upcoming dates: North America, July – December.
Parabellum is also available on red vinyl.


Descendents, 9th & Walnut (Epitaph)
Eighth studio album. Manhattan Beach, California. Punk Rock. Features song written between 1977 and 1980 that never were released, and a re-recording of songs “Ride the Wild” and “It’s a Hectic World.”

Producer: Bill Stevenson (drummer) at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO and The Holler Box in Newark, DE.



Eradicator, Influence Denied (Metalville Records)
Fifth studio albun. Lennestadt, Germany. Thrash Metal.

Music videos: “Mondays For Murder” “Driven by Illusion
Lyric video: “Echo Chamber



(hed)p.e., Sandmine (Suburban Noize Records)
Alexis Marshall, House Of Lull (Sargent House)
Capstan, Separate (Fearless Records)
Erdve, Savigaila (Season Of Mist)
Exil, Warning (Armageddon Label)
Godslave, Positive Aggressive (Metalville Records)
Lee Aaron, Radio On! (Metalville Records)
Mordred, The Dark Parade (M-Theory Audio)
Shadow of Corvus, Separation (Self relase)
Sleep Waker, Alias (UNFD)
Stone Temple Pilots, Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop (25th Anniversary Edition) (Rhino Records)
Tantric, The Sum Of All Things (Cleopatra Records)