New & Noteworthy is Metal Insider’s weekly column highlighting some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week’s albums include the debut of a new death metal project from Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen and the return of Taproot, as well as releases from Black Stone Cherry, Code Orange, Blue October, Ann Wilson, KK’s Priest and more. Don’t forget to check out to see how new releases debuted in charts in our Metal By Numbers column and listen to our weekly playlist below. Enjoy!


Black Stone Cherry, Screamin’ At The Sky (Mascot Records): Recorded at Glasgow, Kentucky’s acoustic-rich Plaza Theater, the band’s eighth studio effort finds the band pushing themselves toward big themes and an even bigger sound. 








Code Orange, The Above (Blue Grape Music): The hardcore punk band went “above” and beyond with their fifth studio album, getting the infamous Steve Albini to engineer the project and get the raw band sound they were after.








Asinhell, Impii Hora (Metal Blade Records): Volbeat vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen returns to his death metal roots with the debut of his new project, Asinhell, writing riffs that pay homage to his favorite bands. 








Blue October, Spinning The Truth Around Part 2 (Up/Down Records): The second part of the band’s Spinning The Truth Around trilogy, Blue October’s penchant for catchy hooks and strong storytelling will be on full display in this anecdote about two people falling out of love.








KK’s Priest, The Sinner Rides Again (Napalm): Former Judas Priest members K.K. Downing and Tim “Ripper” Owens return with a second KK’s Priest record filled with “pure hellfire” and fantasy intended to take the listener on a journey and escape reality. 







Ann Wilson & Tripsitter, Another Door (Dualtone): Heart singer Ann Wilson returns with a new band and a new set of original songs she hopes will “blow your mind.”







Taproot, Sc\ssrs (THC): After 11 years apart, Taproot return with their seventh studio album. Early reviews show the band has not missed a beat over the last decade, picking up where they left off and growing from there.






’68, Yes, and… (Pure Noise)

Ashbringer, We Came Here To Grieve (Translation Loss)

Atena, Subway Anthem (Independent)

Besra, Transitions (Suicide)

Blackbriar, A Dark Euphony (Nuclear Blast)

Caged, From Roving About The Earth (Translation Loss)

Den Saakaldte, Pesten Som Tar Over (Agonia)

Disguised Malignance, Entering The Gateways (Prosthetic)

Fearing, Destroyer (Profound Lore)

Filth Is Eternal, Find Out (MNRK Heavy)

Graveyard, 6 (Nuclear Blast)

Grove Street, The Path To Righteousness (UNFD)

Harm’s Way, Common Suffering (Metal Blade)

The Hirsch Effekt, Urian (Long Branch)

Jacket Thief, Lights Out On The Shore (Tripkey)

Kurt Baker, Rock ‘N’ Roll Club (Wicked Cool)

Maggot Heart, Hunger (Svart)

MDC, War Is A Racket (Cleopatra)

Nervosa, Jailbreak (Napalm)

Primordial, How It Ends (Metal Blade)

Rat King, Psychotic Reality (Satanik Royalty)

Red, Rated R (The Fuel)

SiM, Playdead (UNFD)

Sleep Theory, Paper Hearts EP (Epitaph)

Stepmother, Planet Brutalicon (Tee Pee)

Steven Wilson, The Harmony Codex (SW)

Termina, Soul Elegy (Self)

Svartkonst, May the Night Fall (Independent)

Omnivortex, Circulate (Independent)

Disguised Malignance, Entering the Gateways (Prosthetic Records)

Rocky’s Pride & Joy, All the Colours of Darkness (Electric Valley Records)

Rorcal, Silence (Hummus Records)

Woe, Legacies of Frailty (Vendetta Records)

Stam1na, X (Sakara Records)

Iskandr, Spiritus Sylvestris (Eisenwald)

Moonlight Sorcery, Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle (Avantgarde Music)

Tides of Sulfur, Apathy Chasm (APF Records)

Kadaverficker, Superkiller (A Musical Journey Between Life and Death) (Massacre Records)

Dwaal, Never Enough (Dark Essence Records)

Superlynx, 4 10 (Argonauta Records)

Dismal Aura, Imperium Mortalia (Avantgarde Music)

Psychework, Spark of Hope (Ranka Kustannus)

Sacrifire, The Art of Decay (Apostasy Records)

Dark the Suns, Raven and the Nightsky (Inverse Records)

Night in Gales, The Black Stream (Apostasy Records)

Karras, We Poison Their Young (M-Theory Audio)

Obsidian Tide, The Grand Crescendo (Independent)

Ruin Lust, Dissimulant (20 Buck Spin)

Columbarium, The Morbidious One (Argonauta Records)

Helve, To Be Forgotten (Ripcord Records)

Blencathra, II – On These Shores Where Nothing Now Stands (Naturmacht Productions)

Fraise, The Fifth Sun, Pt. II (Independent)

WarWolf, The Apocalyptic Waltz (Metalapolis Records)

Titanosaur, Echoes (The Swamp Records)

Wizards of Wiznan, No Light Has No Shadow (Argonauta Records)

Exiting Mortuary, Alkaptonuria (Independent)

Nikki Stringfield, Apocrypha (Pumpkin Productions)

Dovorian, Hunters (Independent)

Hamulec, Na Pohybel (Independent)