Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine: Radian’s Mike Burns – “Go out and get some exercise”

Posted by on June 22, 2020


Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Radian’s Mike Burns as he’s been spending this time working around the house.


What have you been doing to pass time during the pandemic?

I’ve done a bunch of work around the house. Things that have needed done I normally don’t have time for. Also been playing a lot of guitar and writing new material. My drummer and I have still been getting together a few times a week, so that’s been productive to an extent.


Have you been listening to any music or have any playlists worth checking out?

Strangely enough I’ve been listening to a lot of Mogwai lately HAHA. I’ve also spent years building my Pandora stations that I shuffle. I have hundreds of stations. You never know what might pop up next, so that’s kinda fun.


A lot of people have been spending this time cooking including making their own bread, what food have you been prepping during this time?

I live alone, so it’s kinda hard cooking for one person. I do enjoy cooking, but don’t do it enough. Most of the time I just make pasta, tacos and easy stuff like that. I’ve never considered making my own bread. That sounds like a lot of effort. I’d rather just buy a loaf and spend that time playing guitar.


In terms of entertainment, what movies, TV shows, books, or games have been keeping you busy?

I really got into Ozark on Netflix, good show! Also re watched Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. No new movies have tickled my fancy as of yet.


What advice do you have for your fans in isolation during this time?

I mean we can only do what we can do, right? Get some spring cleaning done. Go out and get some exercise. If you have a hobby or passion for something, work on it. Utilize this extra  time to do things or experiment with things you’ve wanted to do.


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