Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine: Memocrasher – “Find things that make you happy”

Posted by on June 15, 2020


Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Memocrasher’s Jarno (bass), Maciej Lenartowicz (drums), and Dave Andrew (vocals, guitar) as they’ve been spending this time improving their immune system with whiskey. 


What have you been doing to pass time during quarantine?

Jarno: Bass players were born to live in a quarantine. We’re just naturals. As addition to regular, everyday isolation I’ve been working on improving my immune system with a bit of Irish whiskey. After six weeks I must admit that my results are very promising. Need to observe more, maybe experiment with a Scotch.

Maciej Lenartowicz: I am doing pretty much everything I was doing before this insanity. I work remotely as a game designer and practise playing whenever I can spare time. Staying in shape is a little harder when sport clubs are closed but where there’s will, there’s a way.

Dave Andrew: Well, my life hasn’t changed even a little bit. I still treat patients, play the guitar, sing and play games but now the proportion shifted more towards games… I plan to find out if horses’ balls really shrink in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Have you been listening to any music or have any playlists worth checking out?

J: My taste and needs change throughout the year, I tend to listen to the lighter stuff the warmer it gets. The soundtrack for world shutdown was mostly Megadeth’s discography and Alter Bridge’s ‘Fortress.’ Now, a few weeks later, I’m more into Rival Sons, The Black Keys and a bit of old school stuff every now and then. By the time all flowers bloom I’ll probably end up listening to some electro. Yet, 90% of the time it’s just a metronome’s click. Got to do the homework.

ML: Good ol’ Animals as Leaders to keep me pumped when I’m getting down to practice. And I’ve been checking out some recent pop releases. I like the 80’s vibe in the new Weeknd’s album.

DA: In times like this I love to dive into soundtracks from movies and games. They can be really inspirational.


A lot of people have been spending this time cooking including making their own bread. What food have you been prepping during this time?

J: I’ve mastered my chili con carne. I really mean it, you wouldn’t believe how well you can hide the lack of taste with a bunch of fiery peppers. It’s a good moment to check out our diets though. Even a small amount of time spent on gaining knowledge can help create healthy and delicious meals. Cut some carbs, get rid of addictive sweets, grab some avocado. Whatever the avocado is. Not only for now, our bodies will be grateful long after the epidemic, helping us get through future obstacles.

ML: Bread?! GTFO! I am sticking to my diet of beef, eggs and water!  

DA: I support the local food industry, lots of takeaways, good wine, it needs more mental preparation though.

In terms of entertainment, what movies, TV shows, books or games have been keeping you busy?

J: Stranger Things. I haven’t watched it before, possibly was fed up with the hype but I’m so glad to finally see it. The set is just fabulous, screams eighties. Cosy American suburbs with just a touch of exploding monsters and shotgun blasts. Adorable love and friendship story which I definitely recommend. Of course I watched all episodes of Peaky Blinders again, probably my favourite TV show so far. Tastes so good with a glass of Alfie’s brown bread! On the other hand, those strange times got me into more serious literature. Recently I’ve been spending more evenings with Peterson and Dawkins than any other writer.

ML: House of Paper has been my recent series of choice. As for the movies, it’s a good time to refresh the old classics. I also recommend Dr Chris Ryan’s “Civilized to Death”. Good read.

DA: Well, I have to admit that now I mainly use YouTube documentaries as a lullaby. I start the evening with the ‘Rise of the Mongolian Empire’ and wake up in the middle of the night during ‘Toba supervolcano eruption’ analysis.  I do recommend BBC’s ‘Dynasties’ series. In games realm… Hmmm, well… ‘Far Cry’ (from ‘Primal’ to ‘New Dawn’), The Forest (GREAT CO-OP FUN), ‘The Witcher 3’ (if you finished it, do it again. If you have done it too, repeat the whole procedure),  ‘Frostpunk’ – great great game with brilliant soundtrack,  ‘Resident Evil 2′ is quite nice (at least until the bloody pale bulky mutant with a hat won’t arrive and ruin the rest of the game) and of course “RDR 2’ with it’s ‘shrinky-balls’ horses.


What advice do you have for your fans in isolation during this time?

J: Find things that make you happy. Try to learn and experience new stuff to widen your horizons, what better time. Get yourself a routine so you can follow a schedule and don’t drink too much before lunch. Think of what is your inner drive and what you miss. Focus on your motivations, activities and relations that you really care about. And voila, we’re all bassists now.

ML: Advice in the time of isolation? Fuck the system! They’re lying to you!

DA: Or just fuck. It boosts your immune system.



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