Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Horseneck’s Anthony Paganelli as he’s been spending a lot of time outdoors. 


What have you been doing to pass time during Quarantine?

I’ve been going outdoors. Hiking with the family. Teaching my boys how to skateboard. I’ve been forcing myself to play guitar everyday and record ideas. When we first got told to stay home I was feeling really uninspired. So I made myself play guitar anyways and I seem to be coming out of the fog. 


Have you been listening to any music or have any playlists worth checking out?

I’ve been listening to a ton of music. Checking out playlists and revisiting the classics. There have been a lot of people creating some cool playlists and Dj sets. Blasko has some playlists called volume forever. He just made a new one for 2020 releases Members of the Deftones have been doing DJ sets on Twitch and putting the playlists on Spotify. They are really good to listen to. 


A lot of people have been spending this time cooking including making their own bread, what food have you been prepping during this time?

I love to cook. I’ve been smoking a lot of stuff on my smoker. Ribs. Chicken. Tri tip. Pulled. Pork. Did some stuffed peppers recently. Lots of roasted vegetables too. We cooked a lot before the pandemic but now we really cook a lot. 


In terms of entertainment, what movies, TV shows, books, or games have been keeping you busy?

We have been watching Dave. Lil Dickey show he released on FX. Hilarious. Better Call Saul is also really good. Catching up on Schitt’s creek. I just watched the Beastie Boys documentary and that is fantastic. 


What advice do you have for your fans in isolation during this time?

I would tell anyone and everyone try to enjoy this time anyway you can. Find a new routine. Listen to music loud. Push yourself to be creative. Do the things you have wanted to do and never had time. I’ve been cleaning my garage. Lol. Organizing my music room. Stuff like that. Call or FaceTime your friends and family and stay positive. Stay healthy and be safe.