Metal By Numbers 4/12: Mastodon are emperors of sales

Posted by on April 12, 2017

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Mastodon have been a cornerstone for modern metal for years now, so to see them take the top spot makes my day. In a time where many metal bands that reigned in the early to mid 2000’s have either disbanded or have continued to find moderate success, Mastodon are one of the few that has managed push even further in the ever changing world of the music industry. It helps that the new album itself is pretty damn great too.
Notable Debuts:
Mastodon, Emperor of Sand (Reprise)
Debut #1
41,050 sold
Mastodon’s latest album grants them their first number one debut in pure sales in the U.S. (it’s actually #7 with streaming factored in).
Demon Hunter, Outlive (Solid State)
Debut #8
18,325 sold
Demon Hunter also nab their best sales week yet with a top 10 debut.
Body Count, Bloodlust (Century Media)
Debut #46
4,600 sold
The band’s six album manages to outdo its predecessor.
Warbringer, Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm Records)
Debut #128
1,700 sold
Album five is the band’s best selling album to date.
Jasta, The Lost Chapters (Stillborn)
Debut #137
1,575 sold
This is a collection of singles from Jamey Jasta’s solo project.
Arch Enemy, As The Stages Burn: Live at Wacken 2016 (Century Media)
Debut #176
1,175 sold
This is the band’s third live album.
Gruesome, Fragments of Psyche (Relapse)
570 sold
The band’s second EP follows up last year’s Dimensions of Horror.
D-Metal Stars, Metal Disney (Walt Disney)
480 sold
If you still can’t believe this isn’t an April Fools’ joke, you’re not alone. But it’s real and official despite the fact that the company continues to ban metal bands from its House of Blues venue.
Invidia, As The Sun Sleeps (Steamhammer)
310 sold
This is a supergroup featuring current and former members of In This Moment, Skinlab, and Five Finger Death Punch.
Sorry, No Sympathy, Evolve Dissolve (Self-Released)
250 sold
This the band’s newest EP following their first LP from last year.


Notable Sales:

metallicahardwiredMetallica, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct (Blackened)
#12 (from 1)
14,500 sold

A 70% drop doesn’t really affect Metallica too much in terms of chart position. Also, don’t expect them to get with Lady Gaga again.




Steel Panther, Lower the Bar (Kobalt Music)
#105 (from 12)
2,025 sold
An 81% drop in week two.

skilletunleashedcdSkillet, Unleashed (Atlantic)
#147 (from 142)
1,450 sold

Just under 180,000 sold.


Pallbearer, Heartless (Profound Lore)
#158 (from 40)
1,350 sold
A 68% second week drop.

avengedsevenfoldthestageAvenged Sevenfold, The Stage (Capitol)
#177 (from 167)
1,175 sold

Over 170,000 sold.






Highly Suspect, The Boy Who Died Wolf (300 Entertainment)
#188 (re-entry)
1,100 sold

A slight boost of 6% brought this up after dropping off last week.


Art of Anarchy, The Madness (Century Media)
900 sold
A second week drop of 70%. Maybe it has a ghost of a chance to keep doing well.




Power Trip, Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)
750 sold
A 25% drop, but it’s still doing pretty well.





Ice Nine Kills, Every Trick In The Book (Fearless)
390 sold

Another boost, this time by 34%.






King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Flying Microtonal Banana (ATO)
390 sold

A 33% drop.






Lorna Shore, Flesh Coffin (Outerloop)
380 sold
This gets boosted back up thanks to some tour magic.






Fit for an Autopsy, The Great Collapse (eOne)
350 sold
 This collapses after a 44% drop.


Havok, Conformicide (Century Media)
330 sold

A 27% drop.






Memoriam, For the Fallen (Nuclear Blast)
320 sold
A 33% drop isn’t band for week two.

Me And That Man, Songs of Love and Death (Cooking Vinyl)
310 sold

A second week 73% drop. Here’s a live video if you’re interested.






Darkest Hour, Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora (Southern Lord)
270 sold
A 15% drop.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Nonagon Infinity (ATO)
260 sold

A 22% boost back up.





Kreator, Gods of Violence (Nuclear Blast)
250 sold
A 33% drop is ungodly.
Palisades, Palisades (Rise)
230 sold
A 15% boost brings this back up.
Northlane, Mesmer (UNFD)
230 sold
An 87% drop in week two is, unlike this album, not a surprise.
Immolation, Atonement (Nuclear Blast)
200 sold
A 16% drop.

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