Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Okay, okay, I’m up, I’m up. Gimmie a minute, it’s been a few weeks.
Yes, MBN is back after a brief absence. Let’s be honest, nothing big really happens in January anyway, so its just as well that we’re getting the ball rolling again in February. What’s more, I couldn’t be more pleased by the top debut of the week. I was on a bit of neofolk/ambient kick a few weeks back and one of the bands I got into with Wardruna. Not only did I found out they had a new album on the way, but the band has also worked hard to take back Nordic and Viking themes and symbols that have been repeatedly appropriated by white nationalists/nazis/fascists. Unfortunately, you can find a lot of that stuff in the neofolk/black metal scene, so it’s refreshing to find a band so determined to stand against all that nonsense. I made notes about the debut numbers for a few bands we missed last week including the superb new EP from Gatecreeper.
Notable Debuts:
Wardruna, Kvitravn (By Norse Music)
Debut #9
4,825 sold
This is the fifth studio album from this Nordic folk group fronted by Einar Selvik (ex-Gorgoroth). The title translates to “White Raven.”
The Dead Daisies, Holy Ground(SPV)
Debut #28
2,275 sold
This is the supergroup’s fifth studio album.
Shinedown, Limited Edition Box Set (Atlantic)
Debut #64
1,250 sold
This box set is limited to 2,000 copies.
W.E.T., Retransmission(Transmission)
Debut #76
1,050 sold
This is the fourth album from the supergroup fronted by Jeff Scott Soto.
Nervosa, Perpetual Chaos (Napalm)
Debut #78
1,025 sold
This is the fourth album from this Brazilian thrash band.
Asphyx, Necroceros (Century Media)
Debut #98
820 sold
This is the death metal band’s tenth album.
Therion, Leviathan(Nuclear Blast)
Debut #170
510 sold
This is the band’s seventeenth album.
Labyrinth, Welcome to the Absurd Circus(Frontiers)
200 sold
This is the band’s ninth album.
Phantom Elite, Titanium(Frontiers)
160 sold
This is the band’s second album.
Folterkammer, Die Lederpredigt (Gilead)
130 sold
 This is the band’s debut album featuring guitarist Zachary Ezrin (Imperial Triumphant).
Notable Sales:
Bring Me The Horizon, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR (Sony)
#12 (re-entry)
4,225 sold
This came out at the end of October last year, and now its back up on the charts.
AC/DC, Power Up (Columbia)
#14 (from 11)
3,750 sold
A 24% drop with over 246,000 sold.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, K.G.(Flightless)
#22 (from 149)
2,675 sold
A huge 402% boost.
Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys Music (Capitol)
#72 (from 72)
1,150 sold
This holds the same position as last week.
Deftones, Ohms (Reprise)
#79 (from 107)
1,025 sold
A 33% boost with over 78,000 sold.
Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2(Blackened)
#81 (from 84)
1,000 sold
The smallest 1% boost.
Nine Inch Nails, Quake Soundtrack (Interscope)
#108 (re-entry)
760 sold
This gets boosted back onto the charts after coming out last fall.
Gatecreeper, An Unexpected Reality(Closed Casket Activities)
#117 (from 21)
710 sold
Gatecreeper’s surprise EP debuted at #21 with just under 3,500 sold before dropping 80% in week two.
Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Lockdown 2020 (Mailboat)
#118 (from 34)
710 sold
This debuted last week at #34 with 2,250 sold before dropping 69% in week two.
All Them Witches, Nothing As The Ideal (New West)
#120 (re-entry)
700 sold
A whopping boost of 831% with nearly 8,000 sold.
Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction, Volume 2 (Prospect Park)
#128 (from 112)
660 sold
A 9% drop.
Iron Maiden, Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City (Parlophone Records/BMG)
#132 (from 116)
650 sold
A 8% drop with over 27,000 sold.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Live In San Francisco ’16 (ATO)
#133 (re-entry)
640 sold
A 94% boost back up.
Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man (Epic)
#138 (from 126)
630 sold
A 2% drop with over 153,000 sold.
Tool, Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional LLC/Volcano)
#149 (from 158)
580 sold
A 19% boost and just under 450,000 sold.
#164 (re-entry)
530 sold
A 77% boost back up.
Five Finger Death Punch, F8(Better Noise)
#172 (from 140)
510 sold
A 13% drop.
John Petrucci, Terminal Velocity (Sound Mind)
250 sold
A 26% boost.
Deeds Of Flesh, Nucleus (Unique Leader)
240 sold
A 193% boost back up.
The Hu, The Gereg(Eleven Seven)
220 sold
A 1% drop with just under 45,000 sold.
Hum, Inlet(Earth Analog)
220 sold
This sold about the same as last week.
Armored Saint, Punching The Sky (Sony)
190 sold
A 14% drop.
Voodoo Circle, Locked & Loaded (AFM)
180 sold
This got boosted by 510%.

Sodom, Genesis XIX(eOne)
170 sold

A 11% drop.






Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle, May Our Chambers Be Full (Sacred Bones)
170 sold
A 9% boost.
Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle, The Helm of Sorrow (Sacred Bones)
160 sold
This followup EP to the above album debuted with 990 sold last week.
Napalm Death, Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism (Century Media)
160 sold
A 174% boost.
Frozen Soul, Crypt of Ice (Century Media)
150 sold
The band’s debut album came out three weeks back.
Nothing, The Great Dismal (Relapse)
130 sold
A 4% drop.
Zakk Sabbath, Vertigo (Magnetic Eye)
120 sold
A 23% drop.
Jinjer, Alive In Melbourne 2020 (Napalm)
120 sold
A 141% boost.
Incantation, Sect Of Vile Divinities (Relapse)
120 sold
This gets boosted back up by 177%.