Metal By Numbers 2/18: The charts get Foo’d again

Posted by on February 18, 2021


Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Foo Fighter’s last album came out September 2017, so about three and a half years ago. That’s not a super long gap between albums; two to three is usually the sweet spot and a band as big as Foo Fighters can afford to have longer gaps between releases. But when I started writing MBN I could have sworn their last album was five or six years ago. 2017 just feels waaaaaay too long ago. Also, Morgan Wallen and Marilyn Manson experienced more album boosts this week. Take note folks: dying gives you the biggest boost to sales, but if you can’t manage that, dropping a racial slur or being accused of sexual assault is also enough to get fans flocking back to your music. Yay?
Notable Debuts:
Foo Fighters, Medicine At Midnight (Roswell)
Debut #1
63,675 sold
Foo Fighter’s tenth album is this week’s top debut. It sold a little more than half what their 2017 album debuted with.
Todd La Torre, Rejoice in the Suffering (RatPak)
Debut #15
4,325 sold
This is the Queensrÿche vocalist’s debut solo album.
Transatlantic, The Absolute Universe: Forevermore (Inside Out)
Debut #45
1,625 sold
This is the extended version of the prog supergroup’s fifth studio album.
Transatlantic, The Absolute Universe: The Breath of Life (Inside Out)
Debut #61
1,400 sold
This is the abridged version of the above album.

Cult Of Luna, The Raging River (Red Creek)
Debut #123
620 sold

Cult of Luna’s new EP is the band’s first release on their own label Red Creek Recordings.

Korpiklaani, Jylhä (Nuclear Blast)
Debut #200
380 sold
This is the band’s eleventh album.
Transatlantic, The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edit (Inside Out)
190 sold
The third version of the band’s latest album includes both of the aforementioned versions in one package.
Walking Papers, The Light Below (Carry On Music)
170 sold
This is the band’s third album.
Notable Sales:
AC/DC, Power Up(Columbia)
#20 (from 19)
2,950 sold
A 2% drop.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, K.G.(Flightless)
#32 (re-entry)
2,125 sold
This gets a big boost after dropping off last week.
Steven Wilson,The Future Bites (Caroline)
#58 (from 7)
1,425 sold
A 76% drop in week two.
Accept, Too Mean To Die (Nuclear Blast)
#12 (from 65)
1,325 sold
A 73% drop in week two.
Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys Music(Capitol)
#75 (from 86)
1,000 sold
A 19% boost.
Bring Me The Horizon, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR (Sony)
#88 (from 62)
860 sold
A 27% drop.
Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2(Blackened)
#92 (from 105)
840 sold
A 17% boost.
Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction, Volume 2 (Prospect Park)
#104 (from 92)
710 sold
A 6% drop.
The Dead Daisies, Holy Ground(SPV)
#111 (from 73)
680 sold
A 29% drop.
Marilyn Manson, We Are Chaos (Loma Vista)
#122 (from 177)
630 sold
A 61% boost. So, if you ever need a boost to album sales, you can either yell a racial slur or get accused of sexual abuse.
Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man (Epic)
#134 (from 132)
570 sold
Only a 1% drop.
Deftones, Ohms (Reprise)
#135 (from 117)
570 sold
A 13% drop.
Tribulation, When The Gloom Becomes Sound (Century Media)
#139 (from 54)
550 sold
A 59% drop in week two.
Wardruna, Kvitravn (By Norse Music)
#166 (from 115)
470 sold
A 28% drop.
Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Lockdown 2020(Mailboat)
#171 (from 116)
460 sold
A 30% drop.
Puscifer, Existential Reckoning (BMG)
#183 (re-entry)
440 sold
A 57% drop.
The Body,I’ve Seen All I Need To See(Thrill Jockey)
280 sold
A 72% drop in week two.
Soen, Imperial(Silver Lining Music)
280 sold
A 70% second week drop.
Gatecreeper, An Unexpected Reality(Closed Casket Activities)
210 sold
A 42% boost.
Hum, Inlet(Earth Analog)
210 sold
A 30% boost.
The Hu, The Gereg(Eleven Seven)
210 sold
A 10% boost.
Poppy, I Disagree(Sumerian)
210 sold
A 36% drop.
John Petrucci, Terminal Velocity (Sound Mind)
190 sold
A 64% boost.
Portrayal of Guilt, We Are Always Alone(Closed Casket)
190 sold
A 87% drop in week two.
Nervosa, Perpetual Chaos (Napalm)
180 sold
A 44% drop.
Asphyx, Necroceros (Century Media)
170 sold
A 39% drop.
Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle, The Helm of Sorrow(Sacred Bones)
160 sold
A 37% drop.
Armored Saint, Punching The Sky(Sony)
130 sold
A 30% drop.

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