Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
The purpose of a live album is, arguably, to give the listener the next best thing to seeing the band in person. I don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been devoid of shows since March and, as a result, you won’t see many live albums recorded from this year. Despite this, there are still live albums being released, and chief among them is one from none other than Iron Maiden. Maiden are one of the few bands where my excitement for a new live album is on par with a new studio album because they’re at their best live. You can’t see them now, but you can play this. Enjoy, and Up the Irons.
Notable Debuts:
Iron Maiden, Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City (Parlophone Records/BMG)
Debut #9
15,400 sold
Maiden’s 13th live album snags a spot in the top 10.
Killer Be Killed, Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast)
Debut #34
4,225 sold
The supergroups second album charted higher, sold lower than its predecessor.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Live In San Francisco ’16 (ATO)
Debut #50
2,975 sold
This is the band’s sixth live album. The previous five were all released earlier this year.
Dark Tranquillity, Moment (Century Media)
Debut #67
1,800 sold
The band’s twelfth album charted higher, sold lower than its predecessor.
Jinjer, Alive In Melbourne 2020 (Napalm)
Debut #80
1,575 sold
Jinjer’s first live album was recorded right before the pandemic did away with shows for the rest of the year.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, K.G. (Flightless)
Debut #123
920 sold
The band’s sixteenth album came out a few weeks back but made its debut this week.
Tombs, Under Sullen Skies (Season Of Mist)
470 sold
This is the band’s fifth album.
Ilsa, Preyer(Relapse)
410 sold
This is the band’s sixth album.
Refused, The Malignant Fire(Spinfarm)
160 sold
This EP comes a year after the band’s fifth album.
Liturgy, Origin of the Alimonies(Ylylcyn)
140 sold
Liturgy’s fifth album comes a year after their fourth.
Diamond Head, Lightning To The Nations 2020 (Silver Lining Music)
140 sold
 This is a re-recording of the band’s debut album for its 40th anniversary.
Notable Sales:
AC/DC, Power Up(Columbia)
#2 (from 1)
29,525 sold
A 73% second week drop only took this down to the number 2 spot.
Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys Music(Capitol)
#65 (from 61)
1,900 sold
A 16% boost.
Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2(Blackened)
#74 (from 54)
1,625 sold
A 12% drop.
Deftones, Ohms (Reprise)
#102 (from 84)
1,175 sold
A 2% drop.
Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction, Volume 2 (Prospect Park)
#103 (from 132)
1,150 sold
A 54% boost.
#108 (from 80)
1,100 sold
A 13% drop.
Puscifer, Existential Reckoning (BMG)
#116 (from 47)
980 sold
A 52% drop.
#130 (from 59)
840 sold
A 51% drop.

Macabre, Carnival Of Killers (Nuclear Blast)
#142 (from 96)
780 sold

A 27% drop in week two.

Five Finger Death Punch, F8(Better Noise)
#155 (from 147)
730 sold

A 9% boost.





Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man (Epic)
#158 (from 107)
710 sold

A 23% drop.





Queen + Adam Lambert, Live Around The World(Hollywood)
#171 (from 100)
660 sold
A 28% drop.
Tool, Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional LLC/Volcano)
#192 (from 164)
550 sold
A 8% drop.
Hum, Inlet (Earth Analog)
480 sold
A 95% drop.
John Petrucci, Terminal Velocity (Sound Mind)
420 sold
A 33% drop.
Armored Saint, Punching The Sky(Sony)
411 sold
A 34% drop.
Nothing, The Great Dismal (Relapse)
390 sold
A 12% drop.
Fates Warning, Long Day Good Night (Metal Blade)
390 sold
A 58% drop.
320 sold
A 74% drop in week two.
The Hu, The Gereg(Eleven Seven)
280 sold
A 7% boost.
Ellefson, No Cover (EMP)
220 sold
This is back after dropping off a few weeks back.
Of Feather and Bone, Sulfuric Disintegration (Profound Lore)
200 sold
A 76% drop in week two.
Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, We’re The Bastards(Nuclear Blast)
200 sold
A second week drop of 58%.
Zakk Sabbath, Vertigo (Magnetic Eye)
190 sold
A 36% boost.
Katatonia, Dead Air (Peaceville)
160 sold
A 73% drop in week two.
Napalm Death, Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism (Century Media)
130 sold
A 14% boost.
Draconian, Under A Godless Veil (Napalm Records)
130 sold
A 18% drop.