Metal By Numbers 11/7: Dreams Of Charts (On A Snowy November Night)

Posted by on November 7, 2012

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

Now that the election is over, we can now be bombarded by Christmas stuff instead of political stuff. And on the East Coast, that bombardment apparently includes snow. In addition to the fact that Mother Nature is being a cold-hearted bitch in the midst of her follow up to Hurricane Sandy, we’ve got a certain orchestra that specializes in holiday music in the top 10 on the charts. We also have some solid chart positions for Flyleaf and Parkway Drive in their first week of sales.


Notable Debuts

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Dreams of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night) (Lava) #9, 32,000 sold

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is back with a five song EP that has done has sold very well in it’s first week. It’s not incredibly surprising considering TSO’s reputation, but it’s still impressive for an EP. Them putting out anything around the holidays is basically like printing money.


Flyleaf, New Horizons (A&M/Octone) #16, 20,000 sold

The third full-length album from Flyleaf is also the last to feature vocalist Lacey Sturm, who has since been replaced by Kristen May. Despite this, the album still sold over 20,000 in its first week.


Parkway Drive, Atlas (Epitaph) #32, 12,800 sold

Album number four for these Australian metallers marks the best debut of their career so far at number 32. It doesn’t hurt that the album is being hailed as one of the best metalcore releases of the year.


Black Country Communion, Afterglow (J&R Adventures) #48, 8,500 sold

The supergroup debut in the top 50 with album number three.


Kamelot, Silverthorn (Steamhammer) #77, 5,400 sold

The tenth album from Kamelot is also the first to feature Tommy Karevik on vocals. It’s an impressive debut for a power metal album.


Cradle of Filth, The Manticore and Other Horrors (Nuclear Blast) #92, 4,550 sold

Album number ten makes it into the top 100. One thing is for sure, it’s filthier outside than on the charts.


Thrice, Anthology (Workhorse Music Group) #99 4,250 sold

This live album that was recorded during Thrice’s farewell tour manages to crack the top 100.


Neurosis, Honor Found In Decay (Neurot) 1,800 sold

Sludge metal legends are back with an album that has the whole office yelling “IN A SHADOW WORLD”. See the track “At The Well” for details.


Suicide Silence, Black Crown (Century Media) 1,300 sold

It’s unfortunate that the band’s last album has an almost 800% increase as a result of Mitch Lucker’s death.


T&N, Slave To The Empire (Rat Pak) 500 sold

This band features members of Dokken including George Lynch, but even pairing up with Tim “Ripper” Owens can’t help sales.


Notable Sales

Stone Sour, House of Gold & Bones (Roadrunner) #37, 10,250 sold

The typical second week drop occurs, but it’s still a strong week for Stone Sour.


KISS, Monster (UMe) #59, 6,800 sold

I keep getting confused because Carly Rae Jepsen apparently has album out called Kiss, which is also on the charts. Is there anyway Gene Simmons might be able to sue her for that?


Rock of Ages, Soundtrack (WaterTower Music) #69, 5,900 sold

*Snort* 69. Sorry, that was the most interesting thing I had to say about this.


Dethklok, Dethalbum III (Williams Street) #80, 5,150 sold

Wait – there ought to be a Dethklok holiday album! “Dethmas”? “Hannuklok”? You heard it here first.


The Sword, Apocryphon (Razor & Tie) #110, 3,800 sold

A big drop in week two, but, once again, a little tour magic might help to boost sales.


In This Moment, Blood (Century Media) #115, 3,550 sold

This album is holding steady in week twelve.


Coheed And Cambria, The Afterman: Ascension (Hundred Handed) #144, 2,800 sold

Another drop, but the album has sold over 60,000 in four weeks.


Halestorm, The Strange Case Of… (Atlantic) #156, 2,600 sold

This sells about the same as last week on week thirty.


As I Lay Dying, Awakened (Metal Blade) #159, 2,500 sold

A 17% drop in it’s sixth week, but this crossed 50,000 sold this week.


Papa Roach, The Connection (Eleven Seven Music) #162, 2,450 sold

Selling about 22% than it did last week, this isn’t exactly Raiding the charts. Get it, raid?


Five Finger Death Punch, American Capitalist (Prospect Park) #167, 2,400 sold

Continuing to hold steady, this sold almost the same as last week.


Rush, Clockwork Angels (Roadrunner) #168, 2,400 sold

Only Rush would have a novelization of their album by Kevin J. Anderson.


Volbeat, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (Universal) 1,900 sold

Seriously, this album is just embedded in the charts.


Pig Destroyer, Book Burner (Relapse) 1,200 sold

The band also has an EP entitled “Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding” featuring covers of punk legends.

Wintersun, Time I (Nuclear Blast) 1,100 sold

The time on this one is slowly running out.

Upon This Dawning, To Keep Us Safe (Fearless) 710 sold

A steep drop of 69% (Ha. 69. Again).


Texas In July, Texas In July, (Equal Vision) 690 sold

These guys also have great holiday album potential! Christmas In Texas In July? Get it? Get – yeah, I’ll stop.


Witchcraft, Legend (Nuclear Blast) 610 sold

This legend dropped 29% this week.


In Fear & Faith, In Fear And Faith (Rise) 540 sold

Another drop in sales for this album.


Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega (Black Market Activities) 450 sold

This album is listed a Danza IV in some places and Danza IIII in others. Either they’re just wacky or someone doesn’t know how Roman numerals work.


This Or The Apocalypse, Dead Years (eOne Music)  450 sold

Well look what come up from the bottom of the pile with a 209% increase.


Otherwise, True Love Never Dies (Century Media) 440 sold

No but really, there is NOTHING left to say about this album.


Enslaved, RIITIIR (Nuclear Blast) 390 sold

A 12% for these Norwegians.


Texas Hippie Coalition, Peacemaker (Carved) 360 sold

Yet another album back from the dead and on the charts.


Sister Sin, Now & Forever (Victory) 350 sold

This album sure won’t last on the charts forever.


AxeWound, Vultures (Search and Destroy) 330 sold

This album has certainly gone to the vultures.

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