In this Very Special Episode of Amplified, we take an exclusive first look at the brand new video for “Dementia” from Icelandic proggers Future Figment. As I’ve no doubt mentioned here before, I’m one of *those* Tool fans, so I’m constantly looking for bands to scratch a similar itch for me. Future Figment is probably the closest to that alt-metal platonic ideal I’ve ever gotten. Instrumentally, these guys are spot on – they strike a great balance between simple, couple – note riffs with a groove, but with the addition of subtle complexities. You can think while you mosh!

I’ve always felt that some of the best prog in the school of bands like Porcupine Tree don’t lose sight of the fact that the song is ultimately the end goal; everyone in the band can clearly play, they choose to show it in the flourishes, as opposed to 6 minutes of warmup exercises. Vocally, there’s a bit of that neat droning vocal that I often call the “prog voice” a la King Crimson’s “Three Of A Perfect Pair,” but there’s also some more emotive Maynard-isms, some growly stuff – versatility is key here, but what’s more impressive about both this track and the record it’s from, “Qualm,” is how truly put-together this band sounds for a debut record. There’s no growing pains in sight here, what we get is a band that clearly woodshedded the hell out of these tracks and set out to make a great first impression. I feel that’s exactly what they did.

Watch the video for “Dementia” below, stream Qualm as well, and you can even buy it on Bandcamp should you feel so inclined. If you have an unsigned band or know someone that fits the bill for this column, send us an email at