Amplified: Nepal’s Chepang grind their way into our hearts

Posted by on September 16, 2016

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GRIND OR DIE. I love grindcore, for the sheer belligerence and incomprehensibility above almost anything else about it. Grind makes me, even as a total pinko teddy bear pacifist, want to immediately start slamming beers and get into a street fight as soon as I hear Anal Cunt or any of their ilk. It’s not a sophisticated take on the genre, because it’s generally a genre itself lacking in nuance. Chepang is a new favorite of mine with their newest release, Lathi Charge. I find myself lacking in much to say about why I like it beyond the exact reasons above detailing why I love grindcore at large. It’s an absolute blur it’s spastic, it makes me want to pound beers and get into a street fight. It accomplishes what it sets out to do as a grind record in that way. The band’s political slant on class warfare and oppression is pretty normal grind fare; I can’t say the politics effect me much, but it helps that it’s belligerence with a message.

Stream Lathi Charge below, buy it. Grind or die.



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