Zakk Wylde, Dave Lombardo address playing with Pantera, Slayer

Posted by on December 30, 2014

Two of the biggest metal bands ever, Pantera and Slayer, have been plagued by death, lineup changes and bad blood between their members. And while neither band will ever perform together in their original lineups, both have been asked about the possibility of performing again and/or reuniting. By now, Pantera fans are aware that there’s a very real possibility that seeing Phil Anselmo, Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown playing Pantera songs together with another guitarist might never happen. However, if it were, the guitarist to replace Dimebag Darrell that keeps getting floated is Zakk Wylde. The Black Label Society frontman has played Pantera songs with Anselmo and Brown, and has also jammed with Paul. There’s been enough talk about it that it’s something Wylde will get asked about it interviews, and he said in an interview on the “Do You Know Jack” call that he’d do it in a second, but it’s not his call. Speaking about playing with Anselmo and Brown (the full interview is below), he said:

It’s definitely a good time. I mean, ifs somebody was to say ‘a reunion,’ I’d go “well, it’s a reunion of Phil, Rex and Vincenzo (aka Vinnie Paul). But I’m just saying for me it’s just, it’s me going in and honoring and paying tribute at the same time. Whenever we’ve gotten together and jammed on the tunes , and Vinnie sometimes is at the Black Label gigs and Vinie has gotten up on drums and jammed a Black Label Tune… So it’s always a good time whenever we’re all hanging out together. But like I said, whenever.. ‘Cause people always ask me, ‘Is it ever gonna happen?’ You know, that’s all up to the fellows. But I love the guys. I’m just a phone call away.

Meanwhile, 2014 was the first full year of Slayer without drummer Dave Lombardo since 2001. And while they had a busy year, premiering a new song, working on the album with Paul Bostaph as Lombardo’s replacement, and going on tour, the band’s new album isn’t coming out until 2015. Lombardo hasn’t said too much, other than that he’d heard the album, since he’d been working on it before he left the band. And in an interview with Eddie Trunk, he stated that he’d be open to returning to see the band off in style.

Would I go back? For the fans, and to retire that band correctly, I’m not gonna close any doors. Like I said before, when all this went down, my door’s open, and that’s basically all I have to say. So [it’s] all good.

There’s no word in the first place that Slayer is going to retire after their next album, however, and it’s not like the band seem all that concerned with whether or not Lombardo is behind the kit, even if the fans are. It’s cool to know he’s keeping an open mind about it though, and maybe it’ll open up the lines of discussion.

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Zakk Wylde chats with Jack Antonio Dec. 11/2014 by Scott Roos on Mixcloud

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