Today in co-branding: Guns N’ Roses roses and Spotify Premium with ‘Times’ subscription

Posted by on February 8, 2017

Marketing – it’s a thing, huh? Until today, Guns N’ Roses have stayed out of the firearms and flowers game, but that’s changing. Thankfully, you can’t buy a GN’R Uzi just yet, but thanks to the geniuses at 1800flowers.com, you can pick up an exclusive Not in This Lifetime bouquet of roses in a red vase. Metal Sucks did some sleuthing and found that there’s nothing particularly exclusive about this, as you can pick up a regular old non-Not In This Lifetime bouquet on the site for the same price. However, if you grab one, you’ll also get a free pair of tickets to see the band this Summer. If you’re picking up roses for your girl or guy for Valentine’s Day and were planning on seeing the reunited band anyway, then this is a win-win.

In other odd, but pretty cool marketing news, if you’re a Trump supporter, you’ve probably already branded the New York Times “fake news.” If so, that’s ridiculous, because you can’t call something that might be biased against you that contains factual information “fake.” Regardless, in the wake of the President’s election, legitimate, news sources like the Times and Washington Post are seeing boosts in digital subscriptions as the White House declares media “the enemy.” If you’re plotting picking up a subscription to the Times and like music, now’s your time. 

Pitchfork is reporting that the organization has joined forces with Spotify to offer a pretty dope subscription package. For only $5/week, you’ll get a subscription to the Times and to Spotify Premium. Essentially, that’s like getting Spotify Premium for free. Listening to Spotify without those annoying ads is a game-changer, and being able to listen on your phone and have a weekly-curated playlist based on what you listen to as well as know you’re supporting some of the best journalism out there is a no-brainer.

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