P.O.D. Offer Free Download Of New Song Featuring Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta

Posted by on April 5, 2012

I remember P.O.D.’s Satellite coming out while I was still in middle school. Nu metal was at the height of its popularity, and you couldn’t watch MTV without seeing the music video for “Youth Of A Nation.” And while the Christian rap metal group’s popularity may decreased over the years, P.O.D. are far from dead.

And their new album Murdered Love, which sees them reuniting with Satellite’s producer Howard Benson, is proof that P.O.D. is still alive and kicking. While the album isn’t expected to come out until sometime this Summer via new label home Razor & Tie, the band is offering a free download of a new song. By now you’re likely asking “Wait, are you writing a whole story just to tell us that P.O.D. are giving away a new tune? Really?” Well not exactly. See, the track being given away for free, called “Eyez,” features guest vocals from none other than Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta.

While a Jasta/ P.O.D. collaboration isn’t that hard to imagine, it’s still a rather interesting combination. Plus, you have to believe that the Hatebreed and Kingdom Of Sorrow frontman’s guest appearance on the track will attract P.O.D. to somewhat of a newer audience. Whether “Eyez,” a relatively heavy song for P.O.D. standards, will actually win over any Hatebreed die-hards is up for debate.

But be the judge for yourself and either download P.O.D.’s song “Eyez” via their website or listen to the song in the stream after the jump.

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