letlive. involving fans in their next release

Posted by on February 3, 2014

letliveIt was just last year that letlive. released their proper debut for Epitaph Records, The Blackest Beautiful. And when the companion piece to that album, “Renditions,” comes out, it will feature the bands fans first and foremost. The album itself will consist of reinterpretations from The Blackest Beautiful, with the first, “27 Club,” having already been released. And there’s no word on when more will be out, but according to the band, they’re enlisting their followers to get involved. Here’s what the band said today via their website:

While we certainly do understand and appreciate the work of he artist, in a world filled with grandiose celebration embellished accolades, and praise bestowed upon the artist, we would like to take a moment to shift gears, if you will.

Today we would like to illuminate the patron. Today we would like to show our incalculable gratefulness and thank you – the patron, the supporter, the friend of letlive.. Without your support, without your inspiration, without you this endeavor would have never reached the lengths it has. Without sounding too verbose (which I tend to have a habit of doing. My bad, y’all), I would like to take this moment, on behalf of letlive., and present to you the #YOUARELETLIVE campaign.

#YOUARELETLIVE is our testament to the value of the patron. For the next few months we will be taking photographs at the end of each of our performances in every city we visit. We will post these photos throughout social media outlets and open a forum for those in attendance o make themselves known to us and others involved as instrumental parts of what letlive. is. If you feel so inclined, you can tag yourself in these photos. At the end of our bout we will select names from those that have tagged themselves and ask them to become a part of our upcoming release respectively titled “Renditions.” You will be a part of this however you would like. You can sing, you can speak, you can draw. If you are selected you can offer whatever you would like to be an active part of this release. As the campaign envelopes we will post the progress on this site. This is how we would like to say ‘thank you.’ This is how YOUARELETLIVE.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. The band have always been very fan-friendly, and this seems like it’s them taking it to the next level.


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