Korn, Corey Taylor are taking you to A Different World

Posted by on September 29, 2016


In just a little over three weeks, Korn will be releasing The Serenity of Suffering, their twelfth album. They’d promised a “heavier” album, and so far, they’ve delivered. “Rotting In Vain” certainly lived up to the hype, as did “Insane.” For the  third track from the album, “A Different World,” they’ve recruited a different singer. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor pops up on the track, which premiered earlier today on Blabbermouth. Starting off with an almost dubstep-like effect, it quickly turns into a song that’s a little more reminiscent of “Falling Away From Me.” While Taylor is on the whole song, it’s not particularly noticeable until the middle of the song onwards. Jonathan Davis spoke about Taylor’s appearance:

“We were trying to figure out who we wanted to collaborate with, and I’m like, ‘You know, that’s the one, that’s the guy,'” he said. “And I texted him, I’m like, ‘Do you want to be on a new Korn track?’ He’s all, ‘Hell yeah! When and where, what do I do?’ So he did great on the song. I already did my parts, I’m like, ‘Do what you do, man.’ And I like the way he did it, the approach: he starts creeping in underneath the song, you can start slowly hearing his voice under mine, and it crescendos up into the middle part where he sings, and then it’s just full-on at the end, so the song came out great.”

Taylor said that his involvement on the track was a matter of “stars aligning,” stating that the two artists have been meaning to work with each other for years. Check the song out below, and if you’re interested in picking up The Serentity of Suffering when it’s released on October 21 on Roadrunner Records, you can preorder it here.

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