Dave Mustaine Essentially Confirms That He’ll Play A Metallica Song With Jason Newsted

Posted by on June 17, 2013

Last month, Jason Newsted let it slip that he and Dave Mustaine have discussed playing a Metallica song during this summer’s Gigantour. Now, thanks to a tweet, the Megadeth frontman has essentially confirmed those plans.

Mustaine tweeted the following inquiry last Friday night: “If I play a song I wrote in @Metallica w/@JasonCNewsted, which should it be? Ride, Metal Militia, Phantom, Jump, Khutulu, or Four Horsemen?” This comes a few weeks after telling Grammy.com that an onstage collaboration with the former Metallica bassist was “doable” but that “it would be cool to do something really different with Jason, instead of doing the same thing people expect, [like playing] old songs.” However, the recent tweet makes it seem as though Newsted will join Megadeth onstage for something “different” AND a Metallica cover.

So now that this seems like a sure thing, the new question is what song they’ll be playing together. And considering that Newsted was quick to name “Phantom Lord” during his interview with Skulls N Bones, we’d bet that’s at least one of the songs we’ll get to hear.

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