When Jason Newsted’s solo band was confirmed for this summer’s Gigantour, many fans asked the same question: would the former Metallica bassist join Megadeth mainman/fellow ex-member onstage to jam? Well according to Newsted, there’s definitely a chance of that happening this summer.

During an interview with Skulls N Bones prior to his NYC show, the bassist was asked whether he and Mustaine were planning to play some classic Metallica material on Gigantour. You can watch the entire interview below, but Newsted did respond to that particular question [around the 8:23 mark] by saying, “There is a chance that Mustaine and I will bust out some old Metallica that he’s a part of.” When pressed for more, Newsted went on to say, “There is a chance, it has been talked about. Whatever happens for sure, I don’t know [laughs], but I’m willing to throw down ‘Phantom Lord,’ actually whatever he calls it now…not that big of a deal [laughs]. Guess that was pretty deep in there [points to the back of his head].”

Of course, and as Newsted mentions, there’s always a chance of this not happening at all. However, the fact that there’s been discussion of such a jam makes this an even stronger possibility. Plus, the fact that he let the song “Phantom Lord” slip out further indicates what song they’ve been discussing  playing. Guess we’ll have to wait, though, for when Gigantour kicks off in Gilford, NH on July 3.

Watch Skulls N Bones’ entire interview with Newsted in the video below.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]http://youtu.be/ieSZCxUSxDs[/youtube]