Dave Grohl… Gone Country?

Posted by on November 7, 2013


We didn’t watch the Country Music Awards last night, because no. However, if we had, we would’ve probably freaked out a bit to see Dave Grohl  show up to play drums with the Zac Brown Band for a new song. The most surprising thing is that Grohl actually makes the song tolerable. Except for the fiddles and southern drawl, this could be a Foo Fighters song. It’s not like they haven’t dabbled in country a bit (check out some of the second disc of the mostly acoustic In Your Honor), and Brown has cited Grohl as a musical hero of his that he’d like to work with. Last week, it was rumored that Grohl might produce the band’s next album, so Brown might be getting his wish even more than he did last night. Dave Grohl is becoming the next Slash – you just never know where he’ll turn up next.

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