We’ve been hearing about the long-in-the-works film adaptation of Motely Crue’s 2001 autobiography The Dirt almost as long as the book’s been around. Back in 2013, it was reported that Jackass director Jeff Tremaine would direct the movie version. At the time, Paramount’s MTV Films was connected to it. Focus Features also was connected at one time. Now it’s finally going to happen at it’s new home – Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the adaptation of the Neil Strauss-written book, which focuses on the first 20 years of the band’s career, is in negotiations to head to the streaming video giant. The book is one of the raunchiest band autobiographies out there, featuring plenty of sex, drugs and rock and roll, and it’ll be interesting to see what Tremaine brings to it. Also, with it headed to Netflix, they don’t have to worry about MPAA ratings, so the film might actually wind up being NC-17, which many theater chains wouldn’t show. Color us psyched. There’s no official filming date, or even word on who will be playing the band.