One of the most popular punching bags in music for the last decade or so has been Nickelback. Be it their formulaic music, their heritage (Canadian), Chad Kroeger’s goatee or just the fact that they’re a inexplicably popular as they are insultingly comparing them to something else deemed not good is a bottom of the barrel insult. It’s almost at the point that there’s been a backlash to the backlash. For context, just look at the “hey, this isn’t awful” reviews on metal websites about the first single from last year’s Feed the Machine, its title track. 

At any rate, with the PG-13 “remix” of Deadpool 2, titled Once Upon a Deadpool, coming on Wednesday, a new trailer with Deadpool and Fred Savage has landed, and it’s pretty great. Actually, it’s hardly about the film. Princess Bride fans will notice that it’s an homage to that 1987 film, which started with then-child Savage getting told a bedtime story by his grandfather. This time, it’s Deadpool, who doesn’t take kindly to Nickelback being used as an insult by a grown-up Savage, still in bed:

“50 million albums worldwide. 11th best selling musical act of all time. Billboard’s most successful rock group of the last decade,” Six Grammy nominations. 12 Juno Awards — those count. Six Billboard Music Awards. Two American Music Awards. One People’s Choice Award (Canadian). And a partidge in a f—ing pear tree.”

The then two rock out to the band’s breakout hit “How You Remind Me.” The first people to notice and respond were Nickelback, who tweeted the trailer out.

They then followed it up with a second post that sort of quotes their song as well.

Guess it’s one Canadian taking care of another (Reynolds is also Canadian). The film, which includes 20 minutes of additional footage (to probably make up for all the R-rated material), will be in theaters from December 12th to the 24th, and $1 of each ticket will go towards cancer education and research fund Fudge Cancer, which, well, had a different name before Deadpool became PG-13. You can read more about that here