KISS have been known to do a lot of unnecessary cash grabs in its time, from KISS Kaskets to KISS TVs. However, one thing many fans can agree they’d rather not have is a movie adaption of Music From “The Elder, KISS’ 1981 concept album that was (to put it nicely) a major flop. Yet it looks like the KISS Army may get just that.

To be fair, though, the members of KISS actually have nothing to do with this. The person responsible is actually U.K.-based writer/ musician Seb Hunter, who plans to produce a “post-apocalyptic  road movie.” According to the movie’s website and it’s FAQ section, Hunter hopes to start production this Summer. Hunter (who will be making his film and screenwriting debut with the film) also revealed that the movie will only use snippets or certain songs from the album and that the plot is slightly altered from the original record.

But the question remains: why make a movie based on what’s arguably KISS’ least favorite album? Well despite acknowledging its commercial failure, it sounds like Hunter is simply a fan of the album. At least that’s what we got from the movie’s trailer. So good for Hunter for wanting to take on such a gigantic project he feels passionate about. And let’s be honest, if someone seriously thought that Archie Meets KISS needed to be made, then why can’t Elder The Movie be done?

If you too feel passionate about a movie inspired by Music From “The Elder”, they you can help Hunter and crew by raising funds for equipment. At this moment, Gene Simmons or KISS INC. have yet to respond to Hunter and his attempts at making this film. But since mostly everyone involved (including producer Bob Ezrin and even the band members themselves) look back on the album as a mistake, chances are low that Hunter will receive any help from The Demon.