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Crowdfunding campaign launched for Cobalt’s Charlie Fell following accident

Posted by on September 20, 2017

Irony is a bitch. Keep that in mind as this story unfolds. Cobalt frontman Charlie Fell suffered a freak accident onstage at the last show of their tour in Poland. A fan reached out to hug him as the show ended, and Charlie, well, fell. Landing on his left foot, it was shattered in multiple […]

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Today in crowdfunding: Jeff Simmermon launches campaign to release pink vinyl

Posted by on June 22, 2017

A few weeks back, we ran an excerpt from New York comedian Jeff Simmermon’s album debut where he spoke about booking the family black metal band Vomit Fist. The CD  is selling pretty well, in fact, it’s the #1 standup album in the country right now. However, it’s not out on vinyl, and Simmermon would […]

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Flaw will play at your house if you help them fund a new touring vehicle

Posted by on May 17, 2017

It’s a question as old as time: is crowdfunding going a bit too far these days? We can’t forget Wintersun’s dire need for a brand new building, asking fans for roughly $750,000. Now early 2000s rockers Flaw are getting invovled. Despite having available car loans and rentals, the  band have launched a gofundme page to help them […]

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Former Chimaira drummer facing undiagnosed medical conditions, seeks help

Posted by on March 16, 2017

It’s been three years since Chimaira broke up, and over the band’s 16-year career, they had a total of five drummers. However, the drummer that spent the most time in the band was Andols Herrick how played in the band from 1999-2003 and again for five years starting in 2006. The reason we bring Herrick […]

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The Browning robbed in Italy, unable to continue tour

Posted by on February 17, 2017

There’s really no lower form of life than someone that steals from a touring band. Even if you don’t get that much equipment, to take money from a band, most of whom are touring just to make ends meet, is a despicable act. Usually, it happens in St. Louis, but The Browning just got their […]

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