Flaw will play at your house if you help them fund a new touring vehicle

Posted by on May 17, 2017

It’s a question as old as time: is crowdfunding going a bit too far these days? We can’t forget Wintersun’s dire need for a brand new building, asking fans for roughly $750,000. Now early 2000s rockers Flaw are getting invovled. Despite having available car loans and rentals, the  band have launched a gofundme page to help them purchase a touring vehicle ,asking for $15,000 USD. Currently, they’ve raised just over $2000 by 26 people in eight days. The perks range from VIP experiences, free passes, to a personal acoustic intimate performance at your house after donating $500-$750. We’re not going to lie, it would amuse us to see these house appearances take place but, how would they get there without said, touring vehicle?

The band shared the following information on their gofundme account:

Hi guys, FLAW here. Thanks for coming to our Gofundme page. First of all, let us just say this: Since our inception over twenty years ago, only one thing has kept us going and committed to this band; the love and commitment from you, our fans. YOU are the reason we are still writing and performing our music, and YOU are the reason we still continue to be blessed enough to do what we love. We have poured our hearts and souls into this band since day one and now we are coming to you for help.

Our goal for this campaign is to fund a new touring vehicle. Touring is hard on the lifespan of whatever you’re touring in and, unfortuantely, it has come time to put our old van to rest. We have many fond memories in that old thing and it will be missed. Now, anyone that knows anything about being in a professional band knows that touring is the lifeblood of the organization. Bands HAVE to be out on the road to pay for studio time, pay their managers and agents, and just to keep up with their own personal expenses. As a result, no touring band can afford to stay off the road for long.

Please believe that we are not coming to you for a handout. We’re doing this so we can continue to play for you, our die hard fans, and continue to rock out with you night after night.  We want to continue to meet you, get to know you, and sing our hearts out with you guys. This campaign is the best way for us to accomplish that. Any amount that you can donate is appreciated more than you know and goes straight to purchasing a new vehicle, so we can continue to run this machine we call FLAW.”

If you want them to travel out to you or maybe you can help pick them up, you can make your donations here.

Please note their disclaimer:

“ Flaw will play an acoustic show for you and a few friends at your house! Hang out and eat with the guys and then enjoy an intimate house show with the band (this perk will be routed around the next FLAW tour date that is closest to you).”

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