It’s been three years since Chimaira broke up, and over the band’s 16-year career, they had a total of five drummers. However, the drummer that spent the most time in the band was Andols Herrick how played in the band from 1999-2003 and again for five years starting in 2006. The reason we bring Herrick up is that he’s not doing well right now. Metal Sucks points out that he’s been undergoing some serious medical issues lately, and a GoFundMe page has been set up.

 Here’s what the page, which was started by Tim Herrick, says about Andols and his issues:

For about 9 months, Andols has faced some chronic medical issues. After six trips to the ER, numerous specialists (one of which who was stumped and bowed out of his case), surgery, physical therapy, and a host of prescribed and expensive medications with minimal efficacy, there is nothing substantive to show for it.

Meanwhile, this illness has left him unable to work, his medical bills are piling up. and he’s been forced to stay with family as we work to get him well. We are optimistic and prayerful that we will eventually find the answers that will get him back to wellness, but at this point, it’s pretty open-ended.

If Andols’ music touched or improved your life in any way, we hope that you will make a donation of any size to help ease this burden. Thank you in advance, and be assured that any funds will go straight to debt-reduction with the balance into a reserve for future medical expenses.

So far, they’ve raised a little under $3,000 of their $35,000 goal in a day. Needless to say, if you were a fan of Chimaira, you’ll probably want to do what you can to help. Donate here.