Visa Issues Force Hypocrisy Off Tour

Posted by on April 29, 2013

The Krisiun tour has gotten a little less, um, hypocritical, as Hypocrisy have been forced to pull out of the tour, along with Aborted. The band’s label, Nuclear Blast, makes it seem like it’s a visa issue preventing the band from touring, citing “the current workload Homeland Security is experiencing.” So yeah, it could be the fact that Homeland Security is in the middle of a crisis following the Boston Marathon bombing incident from a few weeks ago.  Here’s what the official statement says:

Hypocrisy have been forced to sit out the upcoming North American tour this May due to reasons beyond their control. The band members had received their visa approvals and everything was going as scheduled, until the embassy let them know that the earliest they could pick up their visas, get them stamped and so on, wasn’t until late June at the earliest. A regular procedure that would normally take just a few days to sort, takes much longer at the moment due to that current workload Homeland Security is experiencing.

“As we were getting ready to go get our visas stamped and ready for the tour we were informed that the earliest we could go initially was sometime in July,” explains guitarist/vocalist Peter Tägtgren.“We then immediately continued to call them, got the label to help with some letters, and put our lawyer to work etc. The best that got us was an appointment in late June. This is a HUGE blow to us, to our fans and everyone who has supported Hypocrisy in North America. Sometimes there are battles you can’t win, and this is one of them. We will be back, I can promise that!”

The trek was also initially set to feature Brazilian brothers in death Krisiun, Belgian gore-grinders Aborted, and technical-melodic-death-masters Arsis,as well as Autumns End and Starkill on select shows. The tour will continue as previously scheduled at this time minus Hypocrisy and Aborted.

As much of a bummer as no Hypocrisy (or Aborted), even without those two bands, it’s a pretty solid lineup, just based off Krisiun’s live reputation and Arsis’ killer new album alone.

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