Today in random: Eluveitie partner with Honda

Posted by on October 9, 2014

eluvetie_honda_flatYou’d think that if Eluveitie were to partner with a vehicle company, it would be one that makes oxen yoke, or maybe viking ships. But the Swiss folk-metal band have announced that instead, they’ve partnered with Honda. Via a post on their website, they announced earlier  this week that they’d be partnering with the vehicle company via a post with the headline “Eluvietie: Powered by Honda”:

We know what it means to be “on the road”. Besides thousands of air miles and countless nights in tour busses, we know every stretch of highway between our beautiful home in Switzerland and the festivals and concert venues of Europe. And even beyond our touring activity, we enjoy the freedom of the open road, best enjoyed on a trustworthy motor bike. With that in mind, we are extremely excited to announce a new partnership we could not be happier about: Eluveitie, powered by Honda. Honda builds vehicles that allow us to ride not just in style and comfort, but to also keep the Co2 footprint generated during our extensive travels as small as possible. We can now transport people and equipment as efficiently as never before in our CR-V cars, and our bikers Kay and Patrick can explore the world on the incomparably reliable Crosstourer VFR. Quoting Patrick: “Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom when cruising the Swiss mountains on my powerful new VFR! The agility and sound of this machine is just incredible, and most of all, so much fun! The massive packing capacity also allows for the most extended tours, so there are virtually no limits to our plans!”

We can’t wait to see where this partnership will take us!

It should be noted that Honda’s website in the post has a .ch suffix, so it’s likely only in the band’s home country of Switzerland, where this year’s Origins was a #1 album. It makes sense that Honda would want to get in bed with a #1-selling band. But it’s good to see a company other than Scion getting involved in metal, even if it’s not a worldwide thing.

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