Is there anything more hardcore than this Sick of it All bat?

Posted by on November 7, 2013

soiaYou can have your holiday sweaters (especially the ones that aren’t actually sweaters, but long sleeved shirts made to look like sweaters, I mean, seriously) and Halloween costumes. And while KISS appears to have the market cornered on branding and merchandise, Sick of it All might have beaten them to the punch with this mini-bat. Based off their song (and The Thing’s catchphrase) “Clobberin’ Time,” the band’s mini-bat is emblazoned with the band’s logo as well as “It’s Clobberin’ Time.” It’s a mini bat, so unless you’re planning on assaulting a garden gnome or a small child (not cool – not cool at all), the only thing you’ll be clobberin’ is your wallet, but even then, it’s only  $15, so why not order one now, to give to a loved one for the holidays?


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