Randy Blythe talks book, clean singing

Posted by on July 6, 2015

With a new Lamb of God album and a book, Dark Days, coming out later this month, Randy Blythe is kicking the hype machine into overdrive.  A few months ago he opened his own art exhibit, Show Me What You’re Made Of in New York. His band has also released a few singles, including “Overlord”, which features Blythe’s clean singing for most of the track.

In light of the new single (and album), Blythe sat down with former God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle on VH1.com.  There he talks about the path of LOG and how “screaming and stuff is not something I feel the need to do anymore. There’s not a burning desire inside.”  With this in mind, will we hear more singing in LOG’s future? Guess we’ll see how “Overlord” is received, but so far, there’s been a lot of positive feedback. And that being said, for the most part, Blythe doesn’t care what the fans think:

I give absolutely zero thought to whether what I’m doing is going to piss off fans. And I think our fans respect us because of that. We play exactly what we want to play. And I think if you start writing music to appease someone else, then real fans are going to be able to tell. They’re totally gonna be able to tell. So I mean, like I said, there is a song with clean singing on this record, but it happened really organically. Willie was just play some blues riff, and he sent them to me, and I was listening to them along with some other songs, and I was like, “Holy cow, I could actually sing on this.” For the first time in our career, there’s pretty much a whole song I sing clean, and it wasn’t this calculated thing where I’m like, “I’m gonna write a clean song and Randy’s gonna sing or whatever.” It just sorta happened, and it’s what Willie wanted to do while he was writing it. I don’t think he had any forethought of changing or whatever.

Speaking of the future,  Dark Days is coming out next week. If you can’t wait any longer to see what his writing style is like, he posted six teasers on his Instagram.

To top off all this exciting news,  Lamb of God’s tour with Slipnot, Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless In White starts in about two weeks.

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